Voice style: Spanish neutral voice acting. The narrator is the main character in this short story and I use quite a flat, emotionally detached tone to avoid the melancholy mood from becoming too melodramatic. This contrasts well with the much more emotive character voice I use for the patient. His is the only voice in the story conveying any emotion and this helps to give dimension to his character and highlight his troubled state of mind.

 Voice Over Style: Character voice, rural Spanish accent, friendly, upbeat

In celebration of 100 Years with Juan Rulfo, I thought to voice a short extract,'Acuerdate' from his novel 'El Llano en Llamas'. 

Set in a rural environment, the man chats with his friend recalling the memories of people they Knew from their town. 

It is a great pleasure to act the role of the main character speaking here. It brings to mind people from my own town in Patagonia. 

Voice over style: Understated narration, voice acting, character voice 

I have always had a passion for Radio Drama. This story ‘Almuerzo y Duda’ ‘Lunch and doubt’ was the perfect opportunity for me to flex my narrating and voice acting skills.

Based on a short story by the great Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti, ‘Almuerzo y Dudas’ is centred around a witty dialogue between a man and a woman which slowly reveals hidden issues  beneath the surface. 

As a narrator also playing the part of Matild...

I was delighted when I was approached to voice the Spanish versions of 11 short animations addressing the widespread Zika virus epidemic. The films feature talking mosquitoes and use humour as a way of drawing the audience in and encouraging them to engage with the subject. There were several mosquito characters and the exaggerated voices help to distinguish one from the other and set the humorous tone of this campaign. The resulting films are a deceptively lighthearted and effective way of addr...

'Death in Samarra’ is a short story by the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It features three characters plus a narrator.

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