Voiceover style; upbeat, enthusiastic, narrative

This is an idea for a children’s book I had with my partner. Read in Spanish, it is a good example of a narrative style.

I love recording to a brief but it’s also great to record my own stories for myself, to have the creative freedom to do my own thing. It presents its own challenges and I am my own greatest critic when it comes to getting the performance right.

Doing my own production is really liberating. Additional audio material can have a huge...

Voiceover style; atmospheric, captivating, poetic,a sense of wonder

We all know how evocative sounds can be; think of the sound of the ocean, or of a noisy city street. So it follows that the sound of your voice, in addition to creating mood or feel for a particular brand, can also evoke atmosphere and a sense of place.
For this piece about Jorge Luis Borges' summer house in Adrogue, south of Buenos Aires, I wanted my voice to have a sense of wonder and an intimate quality to convey the stillness...

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