Voice Over Style: broadcast, friendly, cheerful 

Voice Over Style: Natural, conversational, informative

One problem I come across a lot is the oversized video script.

This is more common in Spanish scripts because of the conventions of the Spanish language.

A paragraph in English will be quite a bit longer once it is translated into Spanish

This tendency leeds to translated scripts being too wordy to fit the sequence in a video which has been edited to the English text.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a complaint! Part of my job is fixing problems, 


This dramatic storytelling has an intimate and surreal atmosphere. My tone of voice is low and I decided not to edit out my breathing

Voice over style: Understated narration, voice acting, character voice 

I have always had a passion for Radio Drama. This story ‘Almuerzo y Duda’ ‘Lunch and doubt’ was the perfect opportunity for me to flex my narrating and voice acting skills.

Based on a short story by the great Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti, ‘Almuerzo y Dudas’ is centred around a witty dialogue between a man and a woman which slowly reveals hidden issues  beneath the surface. 

As a narrator also playing the part of Matild...

A true professional voiceover will take the time to go over the script, familiarise themselves with its content and give the right tone of voice

Voice over style: Caring narrator, Gentle call to action

Following on from my previous post here’s another example of a campaign using animation to address serious global, socio-political issues. This beautifully executed film by The House London, shines a light on the exploitation of migrant workers in the build up to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and is a gentle call to action. This film has a totally different feel to the Zika Virus campaign. The animation has a lighthearted approach which illus...

I was delighted when I was approached to voice the Spanish versions of 11 short animations addressing the widespread Zika virus epidemic. The films feature talking mosquitoes and use humour as a way of drawing the audience in and encouraging them to engage with the subject. There were several mosquito characters and the exaggerated voices help to distinguish one from the other and set the humorous tone of this campaign. The resulting films are a deceptively lighthearted and effective way of addr...

Jacqueline Vitali Spanish Latin American voiceover accent

The key to finding an effective corporate tone of voice is to communicate with people in a way that they find easy to understand. This is a very important consideration for those creating the content for the organisation, either in the form of the written word or visual media, as well as the way a script is spoken.

The every day language and vocabulary, which is naturally used within certain organisations can have a tendency to come across...

Death in Samarra by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Artwork by Josh Riley

Narrated and produced by Jacqueline Vitali

The servant turns up at his masters house, terrified

Sir, he says, I saw the angel of death in the market and he gave me the death-stare…

The landlord gives him money and a horse.  

‘Run quickly to Samarra’ He tells him and the servant leaves.

That same afternoon the master is at the market and bumps into the angel of death.

This morning you gave my servant the death stare. He says. 

’It wasn't sup...

'Death in Samarra’ is a short story by the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It features three characters plus a narrator.

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