July 26, 2019

Spanish Video explainer for NGO. The reading had to be calm and clear to highlight the message that the illustration tries to convey.

Voice style: Spanish neutral voice acting. The narrator is the main character in this short story and I use quite a flat, emotionally detached tone to avoid the melancholy mood from becoming too melodramatic. This contrasts well with the much more emotive character voice I use for the patient. His is the only voice in the story conveying any emotion and this helps to give dimension to his character and highlight his troubled state of mind.

Jacqueline Vitali Spanish Latin American voiceover accent

The key to finding an effective corporate tone of voice is to communicate with people in a way that they find easy to understand. This is a very important consideration for those creating the content for the organisation, either in the form of the written word or visual media, as well as the way a script is spoken.

The every day language and vocabulary, which is naturally used within certain organisations can have a tendency to come across...

'Death in Samarra’ is a short story by the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It features three characters plus a narrator.

Voiceover style; atmospheric, captivating, poetic,a sense of wonder

We all know how evocative sounds can be; think of the sound of the ocean, or of a noisy city street. So it follows that the sound of your voice, in addition to creating mood or feel for a particular brand, can also evoke atmosphere and a sense of place.
For this piece about Jorge Luis Borges' summer house in Adrogue, south of Buenos Aires, I wanted my voice to have a sense of wonder and an intimate quality to convey the stillness...

Voice Style; caring, calm authority

When I was asked to record this piece on Zika virus I knew I would need to give careful consideration to the tone of the read.

I decided to combine a sense of caring with calm authority to communicate the seriousness of this pressing issue.

Cuando lei el guión para grabar el virus del Zika, supe que tenia que darle una gran consideración, pensar detenidamente en la entonación que iba a usar. 

Decidí combinar un tono de autoridad cálida expresando el sentido d...

Voice Style; young, cheerful, carefree character, enthusiastic 

A personal project in celebration of London and my folding bike!

Although my voice is carefree and lighthearted, it has conviction and enthusiasm that reflects my love for this way of exploring London.

Este es un proyecto personal mío que celebra a Londres en bicicleta! Con mi voz quise reflejar mi pasión por este mágico estilo de explorar esta maravillosa ciudad.

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